Welcome to Fall 2018 Team Tryouts



Registration Coming Soon - Tryouts will be Late August 2018

One Tryout Required to make team - All Recommmended

There is no cost to tryout

Two practices per week in North Seattle/Shoreline plus weekend games

Specific team information will be finalized following tryouts

1 League + 2 Tournaments OR 4 Tournaments


Contact: David Gerig

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Hoopaholics Player Expectations

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Fall Season frequently asked questions below...



Hoopaholics Vision

Our focus is that each player regardless of ability reaches his or her full potential as basketball players and as people. We provide premier coaches dedicated to building successful habits on and off the court. We want our players to really enjoy the hard work that it takes to be successful, develop strong bonds with their teammates and coaches, and have an opportunity to succeed in the game.  Ultimately, we want our players to take the life lessons learned from the game into everyday life and hope they can attribute part of this because of their positive experience with Hoopaholics.




2018 Fall Season FAQ


Why should my player join a Hoopaholics team?

A: We boast the best coaching for youth basketball in Puget Sound.  Your player will learn from the best - from coaches that truly care about their players and their success. Our teams really enjoying playing together and our players enjoy working hard to build successful teams. We have been serving the Puget Sound area since 2003, and look forward to many more years teaching our players to play the game the right way. The difference is our coaching!


What level of competition are the teams?

A: We are a select basketball program that serves all skills levels and backgrounds.  We understand the rapid growth process in youth and work hard to facilitate their development with strong habits on and off the court. Our teams compete in AAU Leagues and Tournaments across the Puget Sound area. Many of our teams will travel to out-of-area tournaments during Spring Season. More details will be distributed through us and the team coordinators as necessary as we start the season.


Do returning players need to register and attend a tryout?

A: All returning team members are required to register and tryout to be considered for a Fall Season team.


What is the cost of tryouts?

A: There is no cost to tryout.


Does my player need to attend both tryouts to make a team?

A: No. Though we encourage all to attend, we only require one tryout. No player, even returning players, are guaranteed a spot on a team. We want to put the best teams together but are proud of the fact that most of our teams have played together for several seasons.


How many players typically make a team?

A: We complete our rosters with 9 to 11 players per team.  


When will I be notified of team selections?

A: We will start to finalize teams following the last tryout date.


When will I be notified of specific practices and game information?

A: We will distribute practice and league information to each team member after tryouts are complete. Weekend tournament game schedules will only be known the week before they occur. We play most frequently in the WTA tournaments (www.yourwta.com), Seattle Youth Basketball (www.seattleyouthbasketball.com), and WA Youth Sports (www.wayouthsports.com). We appreciate your patience and flexibility with this. Leagues are PNAAU (www.pnaau.org) or PEAK (www.eteamz.com/peakleague)


How many teams are there?

A: We aim to have two or more teams per grade level 4th through HS, depending on commitments and tryout attendees. We have High School teams during the Fall and Spring Seasons. High School teams are off during the Winter for their high school seasons.


How many days per week is practice; and where?

A: Teams will practice twice per week M-THURS at locations in North Seattle and Shoreline. This info will be available once players are asked to join a team.


Where does COMPETITION fit in with Hoopaholics.

A: We believe working hard and doing your best leads to the fun of succeeding together as a team.  Fun can often have a lazy or care free attitude, but we perceive it as the enjoyment of the process of hard work and developing basketball and life skills.  Competition within ourselves and our teammates fuels our desire to be the best player and team we can be - winning is just a byproduct of our work ethic and good habits built over time.


Who are the Coaches?

A: We are proud of all our coaches - qualified and experienced, but more importantly, care about their players and their success. Our coaches value the details of the game and work hard to build strong basketball habits in our players. Our coaches understand the quality time in the gym it takes to build these habits and their loyalty to our program and to the players they teach speaks volumes about who they are and is represented by how successful their teams are.

Read more about our coaches under the 'COACHES' tab.


What is the cost of the Spring Season?

A: This will be determined by Leagues/Tournaments each team selects but is between $200 and $300 per month, a competitive pricing plan for select basketball. Monthly payment plans are available. Payment plans will be finalized once players are asked to join a team. Spring Season Travel teams will have additional payments and this information will be distributed to each team at the start of the season.



Contact: Dave Gerig: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 206-795-0687



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