Hoopaholics is Hiring - Camp, Lil' Dribblers, and Team Coaches

Five qualities that set Hoopaholics Coaches apart from the rest          

1) Care about players as people first, then athletic success. Interact with players; positive role model

2) Knowledge of game – vast understanding and experiences within the game; commitment for own improvement
3) Passion/Excitement - share with players in positive manner, corrective as to teach, not to put down (no sarcasm)
4) Professional approach – attire: wear Hoopaholics gear for all games and when appropriate
5) Facilitate team cohesion - build team as a family using natural abilities and intentional activities
Specific Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Teaches Fundamentals – proper mechanics and reinforcement through repetition
    2. Motivates athletes towards immediate and long-range goals.
    3. Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses of various offensive and defensive systems
    4. Detail-Oriented - formulate practice plans, design drills for individual and team improvement
    5. Positive and encouraging leadership for players to exemplify
    1. Team supervision, maintaining appropriate discipline at practices and games
    2. Appropriate time commitment to program during season; is consistently punctual
    3. Communicates absence to proper substitute coach in timely manner (24 hour notice)
    4. Organizes effective and efficient practices; balances teaching, drilling, and game-like play
    5. Communicates frequently with team coordinator on practices, games, and other team logistics
    1. Maintains good relations with players and parents
    2. Confidentiality - Keep appropriate info confidential and sensitive to rights of privacy, etc.
    3. Appropriate appearance/dress for all practices; expected to wear Hoopaholics gear for games
    1. Is genuinely enthusiastic and self-motivated
    2. Exercises fairness in dealing with players
    3. Maintains poise and composure during practice and games
    4. Exemplifies strong character and integrity

**Awareness of concussion protocol**

**Coach must pass background check**

**Hoopaholics does not discriminate based on race, religion, gender, age, or sexuality.**

To Apply, Contact Michael Johnson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with experience and why you would like to join Hoopaholics



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