Hoopaholics Feature Player: Mutdung

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Mutdung (Pronounced MAH-DOON) is our Hoopaholics feature player of the month.


By Marques Chinn

I first met Mutdung in September of 2012 when I was working as a counselor at the North Seattle Boys & Girls Club. We had an instant connection because of our mutual passion for basketball and Mutdung's eagerness and willingness to be taught how to play the game. I can vividly remember his inability to make left handed lay ups or dribble with his left, but saw the potential of a really good basketball player in the making. 

As of today, Mutdung has blossomed into a star player. Not only is he supremely talented, but plays with a high motor and gives maximum effort in both practices and games. If Mutdung is considered a star player, you wouldn't know it by his demeanor. He is a very unselfish teammate who has no problem letting others shine around him, that's why everyone around him is better off for having him in their lives. 

I've been very lucky to have such an impact in Mutdung's life as a coach and role model. Mutdung is a very bright kid who gets A's & B's in school and shows great character. He is a true leader who doesn't follow the crowd and stands up for other kids who have trouble standing up for themselves. 

As his coach, I'm so proud of how his skills have improved on the court and how talented of a player he has become. However, as his mentor, I'm more proud of the young man he has become. Mutdung has a bright future and I feel fortunate to be a part of his life and make whatever impact I can to help him reach his goals.